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Organic Green Tea

An authentic Organic Green Tea. Grow at high altitudes. It is collected and processed according to ancient Chinese traditional practices. Its color is light green and its taste is discreet and balanced.

Green Tea retains its original green color, because its leaves are always freshly cut and have the most natural substances as it does not go through the fermentation process. It has many benefits for the human body. It can prevent skin damage (eg UV), and wrinkles. It breaks down fat and increases the rate at which it “burns” in our body. It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the arteries and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Helps in the slow development of breast cancer, contributes to lung cancer and prevents and inhibits colon cancer. It balances blood sugar levels and finally, has antibacterial action against harmful dental bacteria.

Teapot method

Quantity / 250ml of water

2 tsp

4 gr

Temperature of infusion

75oC / 167oF

Infusion length

5 - 7 min


3 times / day