Indigestion 1

Indigestion is not a disease but symptoms that can be dealt with. It is all caused by a malfunction in the stomach that occur due to wrong dietary habits. Indigestion might be accompanied by pain, bloating, heartburn and other symptoms. Nowadays, many people face this problem due to our way of life. The causes lie in our everyday lives and they are linked to what we eat (unhealthy foods or even allergenics ie. Gluten), what time we eat (non-fixed meal times ie. People who work shifts), how fast we eat (polyphagia and quick food consumption or stomach overload can result in obesity and poor digestion) as well as whether we are stressed and full of tension (our stomach, just like our whole digestive system are easily affected by stress and anxiety). If our digestion process is indolent:

Teapot method

Quantity / 250ml of water

2 tsp

4 gr

Temperature of infusion


Infusion length

10 – 15 min


3/day After each meal