Wild Chamomile

Matricaria Chamomilla



Other names:

Chamomile is famous for its healing properties. It is an excellent mild sedative, useful and safe for children. It contributes its relaxing effect to every herb combination and can therefore be used against anxiety and insomnia. It also relieves from indigestion and inflammations, such as gastritis. It can also be used as a mouthwash against inflammations such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) as well as for eye washes when there is inflammation and irritation. It can help with an irritated throat if used as a gargle. It can quicken the recovery from nasal catarrh when inhaled as a steam bath.  And finally, as an antiflatulent hebrb with relaxing properties it relieves from flatulence and indigestion pains.

Teapot method

Quantity / 250ml of water

2 tsp

3 gr

Temperature of infusion

75oC / 167oF

Infusion length

5 – 10 min


3 times / day / For digestive problems, you can drink this drink after eating